Tuesday 8th April 2014 – Night Post

Hi guys, just wanted to do a night post 🙂
Well today went okay, stayed in most of it lol:) Went on the internet; facebook, youtube and on the occassion checking my twitter. some other websites (not including porn.) but forgotten:/
On youtube i always look forward to Syndicate’s videos i dont know why to be honest but I just love his content the most(kind of the most) out of everyone else i’ve subbed :’) But anyway, yesterday night at around 11pm all the way until 1am, i was watching Tom (Syndicate) livestream on twitch playing Dayz and it was actually so funny, wish i could tune in to more of his livestreams:( what happened, while i was watching as i tuned out early, he took ages to set it up (he had a new widget thing for his channel) then he came across some other dude who was playing those old disco songs and they both were dancing hahaha then they went out of the building, about 4 other people came to Tom and him & then they were walking down the street with his music playing still and, typical in dayz, someone ruins the fun and just shoots one of the guys-_- then sydnicate ran away but he got disconnected from the server anyway so ye :V
  but today he only uploaded a segment of the stream up and it only lasted what 4 minutes?:( wish he would upload the whole stream for those who cant watch it:/
yeah. that’s how interesting my day was. and also im awaiting my tablet to come:D I’m getting the Asus Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen :DD soo happy! been needing some higher up android tech for agess and i’ve been so patient i’m actually so surprised it’s happening ahhh:D I’ll post pictures of it when it comes, should be around this week sometime but if there’s a delay I’ll say here 🙂
okay well it’s 11:58pm here in the UK so im gonna go bed now (even if it’s a 2 week easter holiday lol I’m tired ok:(-) so goodnight x

maybe tomorrow, if not then some day, I’ll do my daily morning and night routine hm but i aint sure I’ll get back on that


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